Thursday, September 19, 2013

SEO Industry isBooming and SEO Jobs Abound

The demand for SEO analysts continues to grow.  There are currently at least 1,000 SEO jobs listed in the United States on sites such as, and thousands of analysts are submitting applications and preparing to interview with top companies.  What will these companies be asking these candidates?  If you are applying for an SEO Job, here are some questions you can expect along with what employers are hoping to hear when you answer them.

What makes a website search friendly?Most employers want to know that you know the basics, but you can also wow them with some technical jargon.  Just remember, it is not about how many fancy terms you know but whether you can put those terms into practice.
How do you define success when it comes to SEO?  Employers define it as increased traffic and conversion, just for the record.
How do you stay updated on industry news and algorithm changes?  Answer honestly—do you read much?  Are there particular blogs you follow?
What programming languages do you have experience with?  This is self-explanatory, but do not think you have to know every programming language on earth, and never lie about your knowledge or skills.
Regarding your previous SEO job, what did an average day look like?  Be sure to focus on your contributions to the company.
How do you adapt to the needs of different clients?  Hopefully you have some people skills to share; this would be a good time for an anecdote of how you successfully dealt with a difficult client.
How often do you communicate with clients?  Be honest but assure the employer you are not afraid to talk to clients on a regular basis.
Describe your SEO workflow.  It might help to make a flowchart prior to the interview.
What SEO tools do you regularly use?  Make a list and keep it handy—you may forget in the heat of an interview moment.
How do you stay organized when working on an SEO project?  Another great place for a visual.
Who is Matt Cutts?  Who?
What is your favorite website and why?  Pick one and give three reasons.  Do not dwell too much.
What is your opinion on proper link building?  Avoid any reference to black-hat SEO tactics.  Good employers do not want them.
Have you or your clients ever received a manual link penalty from Google?  Be honest but talk about steps you took to correct the problem.
What’s the ideal speed for a site to load a web page?  As fast as possible.
Do you prefer to move a page with a 302 redirect or a 301 redirect?  This may be a trick question depending on what the employer is looking for.  Understand the implications of both.
Are you aware of the latest changes to Google and the latest updates to Panda, Penguin? Yes, and name them briefly.
What do you know about content building and content marketing?  Be sure to mention quality and originality.
Do you have a sense of humor? Hopefully so!
So, explain why I should hire you.  Briefly list your qualifications and why you would be a good fit for the company.

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