Monday, September 30, 2013

4 Solutions to Start out Optimizing Your Facebook Presence

Many companies have a Facebook web page however they are unclear precisely what to complete with it. There are actually pretty several strategies to use Facebook to boost your business’s friendly attain but you'll find standard ground rules that have to be used as a way to do so. It's important to understand the following tools and activities and how they affect your Facebook profile and general marketing and advertising approach.

1. The “About” section. The About section will be your possibility to brand your business and give customers a compressed synopsis of the organization. Commit some time making this point cautiously and it can keep its operate long following you have posted it. Naturally, you can and must generate changes when your brand expands. Make sure you incorporate information on which
tends to make you distinctive, include hyperlinks to essential sites, and apply keyword phrases that should display on search engines. You can in addition cross-promote your About web page by means of alternative programs and even other Facebook pages. The About page is really a clean package for broadcasting a message with regards to your firm.

2. Status updates. Facebook Insights will inform you when a article has develop into well-liked, but exactly how do you do within this facts? A single issue you can do is always to promote status updates which might be popular and satisfy your all round goals for the Facebook advertising program.

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3. Schedules for posting. It is tough to find out ought to post for best site visitors. You will find third-party tools that can aid; one example is, EdgeRank Checker utilizes significant data from Facebook to generate suggestions regarding maximum posting times for the viewers. Having said that, trial and error could be much like advantageous when you very carefully investigate reply to
your posts. It might be useful for you personally to attempt out some “test” adjustments and appear at response at distinctive times on the day or week. It is possible to very easily generate your personal contrast chart which will offer you insight into how well your posts did at numerous instances.

4. Facebook insights. Facebook provides analytics for your page called Facebook Insights. You ought
to learn precisely how Insights performs and tips on how to use it to ascertain what your audience wants. That is an awesome spot to get information that may assist you to understand how your Facebook neighborhood behaves to your items. Some trials may perhaps be needed to view how distinctive activities impact your general attain and viewer reply.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Three Approaches to Steer clear of SERP Casualties and Aid On the net Reputation Management

You understand it's going to happen-a client is unhappy along with your service for some explanation and decides to rant. For anyone who is lucky, he or she will rant to you personally, hopefully by telephone. Should you be not lucky, the client is going to go on-line and rant for the globe. In terms of online reputation management, your brand can be a fragile as a feather. It only 
takes 1 superior “wind” to knock you in the pinnacle of prosperity in to the depths of despair. However, you can find points you could do to avoid search engine outcomes page casualties or on line reputation harm. 

1. Rank for the business’s title or name. One from the greatest strategies to stop SERP casualties should be to own the SERP-figuratively speaking, certainly. In case you are on web page one of Google’s search engine rankings, it truly is unlikely that a few undesirable comments are going to knock you off. Be sure to flood the very first page with info about your business-
your Twitter deal with, your Facebook page, your Google Places entry, articles about your company, your LinkedIn profile, your blog posts and constructive comments from happy buyers. Make the initial page or two of Google as well crowded to hold adverse commentary, and most customers will never ever see it to start with.

two. Target negative search phrases and phrases. If you currently realize that damaging content material is available about your company, it's important that you just counter that content material with some good. You are able to do that by targeting the incredibly key phrases used by your detractors to construct good comments. 

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3. Personal adverse URLs. If there's a URL that could be applied negatively against your business, try acquiring up those domains so that other people don't have access to them. Should you had been Superman, for instance, you may acquire the domains or A lot of major organizations use this practice to lessen 
adverse content material, especially by competitors. If you go to a URL that suggests one thing negative about these firms, you might be redirected to a “good” web page about the firm.

Needless to say, the very best solution to keep away from damaging content is usually to hold your consumers happy. On the other hand, for all those with competitors who hit under the belt, you can create your own personal “kryptonite” for keeping damaging World wide web postings and targeted traffic to a minimum for the internet site.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

SEO Industry isBooming and SEO Jobs Abound

The demand for SEO analysts continues to grow.  There are currently at least 1,000 SEO jobs listed in the United States on sites such as, and thousands of analysts are submitting applications and preparing to interview with top companies.  What will these companies be asking these candidates?  If you are applying for an SEO Job, here are some questions you can expect along with what employers are hoping to hear when you answer them.

What makes a website search friendly?Most employers want to know that you know the basics, but you can also wow them with some technical jargon.  Just remember, it is not about how many fancy terms you know but whether you can put those terms into practice.
How do you define success when it comes to SEO?  Employers define it as increased traffic and conversion, just for the record.
How do you stay updated on industry news and algorithm changes?  Answer honestly—do you read much?  Are there particular blogs you follow?
What programming languages do you have experience with?  This is self-explanatory, but do not think you have to know every programming language on earth, and never lie about your knowledge or skills.
Regarding your previous SEO job, what did an average day look like?  Be sure to focus on your contributions to the company.
How do you adapt to the needs of different clients?  Hopefully you have some people skills to share; this would be a good time for an anecdote of how you successfully dealt with a difficult client.
How often do you communicate with clients?  Be honest but assure the employer you are not afraid to talk to clients on a regular basis.
Describe your SEO workflow.  It might help to make a flowchart prior to the interview.
What SEO tools do you regularly use?  Make a list and keep it handy—you may forget in the heat of an interview moment.
How do you stay organized when working on an SEO project?  Another great place for a visual.
Who is Matt Cutts?  Who?
What is your favorite website and why?  Pick one and give three reasons.  Do not dwell too much.
What is your opinion on proper link building?  Avoid any reference to black-hat SEO tactics.  Good employers do not want them.
Have you or your clients ever received a manual link penalty from Google?  Be honest but talk about steps you took to correct the problem.
What’s the ideal speed for a site to load a web page?  As fast as possible.
Do you prefer to move a page with a 302 redirect or a 301 redirect?  This may be a trick question depending on what the employer is looking for.  Understand the implications of both.
Are you aware of the latest changes to Google and the latest updates to Panda, Penguin? Yes, and name them briefly.
What do you know about content building and content marketing?  Be sure to mention quality and originality.
Do you have a sense of humor? Hopefully so!
So, explain why I should hire you.  Briefly list your qualifications and why you would be a good fit for the company.

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PPC Best Practices in an Enhanced Campaign World #12B

The SMX Advanced 2013 Conference featured many speakers on various SEO topics.  In the PPC arena, several experts from large companies spoke about trends in the field.  The presentation of Enhanced Campaign News for PPC users by Ben Vigneron from eSearchVision revealed some new techniques for PPC ad users.

For Enhanced PPC Campaign users, mobile modifiers are now available at the ad group level but not the keyword level.  In order to isolate top keywords for specific ad groups for bidding optimization, it is important that you put one keyword per ad group.  This allows you to test different ad copies for tier 1 and tier 2 campaigns.

Vigneron advises against using mobile-only campaign ads, but says you can use low desktop or tablet bids with aggressive mobile modifiers.  However, you will only get 50 percent of the mobile impressions rather than 100 percent.  The base bids and modifiers should be close to the first page bid estimates.  Users should aggregate desktop and tablet performance and compare mobile performance with the aggregate.  He uses the following formulas:

A. Mobile bid adjustment
= 100 x (Mobile CPA target / Actual mobile CPA) -1

B. Mobile bid adjustment
= 100 x (Value per mobile click / Value per desktop and tablet click) -1

Vigneron also advises analyzing geographic data for statistical significance before bidding wholesale on location-based keywords.

After bidding, Vigneron advises A/B testing to compare mobile and non-mobile ads as well as cross-device tracking, which Google launched in June.

Jeff Allen also shared the results of a two-week test on $1 million in advertising spending.  His results were:
Tablet impressions were up 48 percent and clicks up 45 percent.
Computer impressions were up five percent and clicks down 13 percent. 
Post-campaign budget allocations showed computer spend down eight percent and CPA up 12 
percent for computers, 40 percent for mobile and 13 percent for tablets

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Brad Geddes also spoke about a case study performed for SiteLinks that studied 13 accounts of companies only on mobile devices.  These companies spent roughly $4 million in combined ad budgets. Their bid modifiers for mobile were 300 percent with a keyword level bid as low as possible.  The study found that the companies went from 100 percent clicks on mobile to 19 percent clicks from desktops.  

The problem is that the bid modifier is not a well-support feature for tablets and desktops at the ad group level.  Until Google corrects this issue, results will continue to be ambiguous.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fresh and Sizzling at Applebee’s: Social Media Reputation Management

The recent “social meltdown” at Applebee’s went right by the part of the world that could not care less about Reddit, Twitter or Facebook. It never made a large impact in the news and it certainly was not life-changing for more than one or two people. However, this social crisis illustrates an interesting fact about our world: one wrong move in the social arena can generate thousands of angry, irate people blasting your Facebook page or Twitter accounts, and there is little you can do at that point but try to manage the crisis, wait for it to blow over and hope the next atomic bomb does not drop on you.

Is there a way to learn from Applebee’s handling of the social crisis it recently endured? An examination of the facts may help other businesses avoid the issues that came up when Applebee’s responded to social criticism in a way that may have fanned the flames.

Here’s what happened:

A group came into a St. Louis Applebee’s and the leader, a self-proclaimed pastor, refused to pay the 18 percent required tip for a large group. Instead, they left their tips on the table in cash. A waitress who was not even waiting on the group in question photographed a note they left on the table including the words “pastor” and posted it on Reddit. Subsequently, hate mail to the pastor caused her to chide Applebee’s for violations of her privacy and the server was fired. Now, there are all sorts of things wrong with this story on all sides. However, Applebee’s next moves were what sealed its fate in the social media wars. Instead of simply apologizing for the incident, Applebee’s proceeded to post in the middle of the night on Facebook and attempted to gloss over the situation. The angry Reddit mob quickly grew and spread to Facebook and Twitter, as well as a petition to get the server her job back.

None of this needed to have happened. Applebee’s had several courses of action open to it, one of which, very simply, was to broker an apology on both sides. That could have been spun into a great, positive social media experience.

Instead, by handling things in a wishy-washy manner, a server is out of a job and Applebee’s has been grilled in social media.

Handling negative input on social media is something that every company should have a plan in place to deal with. Applebee’s apparently learned that lesson the hard way.

At top of the page:

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2 New Tools in Google Analytics: Real-Time Widget and Benchmark Tool

If you have not yet made friends with Google Analytics, it is time to do so. The tools are constantly changed and updated and, let’s face it, it is Google doing the updating. The company even blogs about the changes so that you, the lowly SEO analyst trying to figure out the mysterious algorithms, can keep up.

Google is not about to give away all of its secrets, but the new tools they promote often give insight into exactly how the giant search engine sees trends developing. Two new tools that Google has added to its Analytics and that are super-exciting are the Customer Journey and RealTime Widget.

The Customer Journey
The name of this new tool is extremely apt because it is more descriptive of what actually happens when someone buys something on the internet. Purchasing is not an event, although many people tend to think of it that way; rather, it is a journey from finding to clicking to considering to buying.

In April, Google launched a new benchmarking tool for marketers called the “Customer Journey to Online Purchase.” It is a response to the increasing complexity of the consumer journey as the increased need for marketers to make sense of each stage of the sale funnel in order to improve their strategy. The journey is spanning a longer time, Google has discovered, with customers engaging in brand interaction for days or months before purchase. Each channel of marketing may come into play at different times in the purchasing decision journey.

The new Customer Journey tool offers information on how different marketing channels move users toward purchasing. It includes data on display, search, email and website. It also shows how long it took customers to decide to purchase.

Real-Time Widgets

Also in April, Google announced four real-time widgets that can be added to the Google Analytics Dashboard. This is the first time that a real-time data widget has been available, and SEO analysts are excited about the prospect.

These widgets enable users to perform real-time analysis and to combine them with different filters for side-by-side data comparison. They include a counter to see the number of active visitors on a site; a timeline to show scrolling page views; visits on a map; and active visitors with three of the dimensions above combined so that analysts can isolate various market segments.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Introducing Google’s Newest Update for SEO Webmasters, the Penguin 2.0

Orange County SEO
Orange County SEO
What is a Penguin 2.0?

Penguin 2.0 is a Google’s algorithm update in which was first released and announced on the 24th of April, year of 2012. The aim of this update is to decrease the websites’ search engine rankings that extremely violate the Google Webmasters’ Guidelines because of using Black Hat SEO techniques. Techniques that affect these guidelines are participating in link schemes, cloaking, keyword stuffing and other techniques. Back in 2012, this Penguin was not officially named until two days of releasing date.

What can people expect for this update?

Matt Cutts, the Head of Google’s Webspam team, mentioned some of the features of this update. He even stated that SEO is made easier with this update. By releasing this Google algorithm update, its purpose is to improve the SEO methods of revealing or catching websites that use Black Hat SEO. This update is made for webmasters to make great websites and connect with the right people and reach their goals. One of its main purposes is to reduce the web spamming of a site that usually knocks a webmaster’s site down.

Why is this update important with SEO webmasters?

It is important to have this update because it is improved and it is easier to use for SEOs. Revealing sites that are controlled by Black Hat SEO is very beneficiary because most of the leading sites on search engines are found created with Black Hat techniques.
Hacking sites are also one of the type of sites they intend to reduce, and as much as possible to remove within the internet world. Hacking sites is really irritating not only for those webmasters, but also for the users as well. They made an update with recovering your hacked website and remove the entire hack on it. With this process, we can lessen now the hacked sites and recover them so we can use them again with their main purpose.

SEO Orange County
SEO Orange County
The Google Webspam team helps webmasters to create good quality websites that must appear on the top of the search results in a search engine so they released this update. Creating a good quality website without the use of Black Hat SEO techniques is the main purpose of the update. Black Hat creates good quality websites but mostly end up with web spamming. Who would benefit with a site that is controlled by automated? That is why they intend to lessen these sites so customers and browsers could benefit from those good quality sites that can provide them their needs, and for the webmasters to reach their goals.

Many SEO companies already discovered and used this update for their websites and for their optimizing. The SEO company Orange County has been using this update and made their SEO work a lot easier and faster because of its features and updates. It is very important that SEO companies to stay always updated with these kinds of updates for them to meet the high quality service they can give to those companies who trust them to handle their websites for optimizing and promoting.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Best Way of Marketing in Technology

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is online advertising. Making a product or business grow and get known by online marketing, just like when you advertise for a product, you reach to your customers and express the value of your product or service for them to know your company and your product. With our generation, technology grows bigger and bigger, and this is what most of entrepreneurs thought that this technology could make innovations with their businesses.

Internet reaches many places within seconds away that everybody can see whatever is written on the internet anytime, and any place. For most people, they find internet entertaining, socializing, and even information resources. But for most business people, they found an amazing way to reach more customers to make their business explored. Businesses without use of the internet, a business is sealed within a specific place and with a number of people that talks about it. Word of mouth may be the best way to advertise it. But with the technology we have, they found a way to make their business get out of the box. With more viewers, more customers, more browsers, and more resources, it’s not only word of mouth that spreads the news now, with just one click away; everything pops out right in front of your screen.

Internet marketing consists search engine optimizations, product advertising  online promotions, and even information sharing. In the early age of the internet, this was never allowed to conduct. Innovations happened with the use of the growing technology that people started to find a good way to use this internet for marketing.

Why do we have to use internet marketing in our business?

Orange County SEO Company
Orange County SEO Company
With internet marketing, you can reach more people that have interests with your product or service offered. Less travel, less consume of time, and even less expenses. For conducting an internet marketing or promoting for your business website, you will have search engine optimization to help you. Optimizing or promoting a website is not as easy as it is. You will undergo a step-by-step process with your website to get it well-known.

How does this Internet Marketing/Online Promoting works?

So, as mentioned earlier, you will be needing people that are experts or professional in this type of work. They will maintain the activeness and promote your website with many different kinds of people that may be interested with your service. They will search for keywords that your customers search for so they can find you. Linking those keywords to your website is a good way to make your website appear on search engines’ results. They will also evaluate the competition between you and your competitors. You may have competitors in a business industry, and that is why you need to market and optimize your website to attract more customers. Competition takes place in this industry.

There are a lot companies that provides website optimization nowadays. Orange County SEO is one of those organizations that provide good internet marketing and website promoting services. Because of the rapid growing technology, everything is innovating.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Explore The Entire World Of SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING With Your Straightforward Guidelines

Orange County SEO

When search engine marketing ended up being a straightforward thing to do, an individual probably would not be below today trying to learn some terrific steps from the industry. The truth is, of which it is usually really perplexing to be able to efficiently boost ones web pages to your research engine's liking. A great deal assumes the task. Be familiar with a number of of which course of action down below.

Useful videos:
Orange County SEO

If you're trying to find something on the net, be sure that you fit one on one words with rates. That filtration system ones benefits so the expression an individual searched is in all of the serp's. This may improve the look of one’s research course of action, letting you find want you'll need more quickly.

You ought to recognize that no cost keyword-finding tools are only while useful as the tools of which cost funds. This is one way you may be keeping eventually, simply by having the things free of charge that a lot of willing start-ups tend to be paying out big money for. A free of charge search phrase tool can be just as good for an individual simply because you will be examining for unknown as well as lesser-used text to begin with.

Learning on-line involving diverse area endings will be a great way to help with search engine marketing. As an example, concentrate your energy on hoping to get backlinks from .edu sites, simply by publishing articles tailored to them or producing them aware about your site, while yahoo and Google hand them over more importance when compared with different endings, similar to. com or. org.

Making use of strong search phrases may be beneficial when it comes to search engine marketing. Making use of search phrases the majority of based on your organization or product can generate it for the leading involving diverse yahoo and Google, as well as aid generate individuals to your site. Making use of a lot of search phrases may perhaps a flag an individual being a spammer thus maintain it to a few strong applicable search phrases?

Discover creative ways to do SEO:

Get to the level along with search phrases. Almost all researches are only several words, if ones search phrases tend to be more time when compared with of which, you will be tougher to spot. Faster is way better. So, if you can eliminate needless words, practice it! Your current target shall be seen simply by as numerous folks as you can, not describe all you carry out in the search phrases.

Starting up a blog will be a great way to boost virtual reality search engine optimization effectiveness. The actual set up, frequently-updated articles of your blog will be handled favorably simply by yahoo and Google, which hard drives upwards a virtual reality place around the search results page. Investing in a high-quality blog will likely pull an internet site. In communication featuring a guests as well as sector peers.

Before you start a blog related to your website, said underneath the exact same domain name while your main web site whenever possible. If your blog allures interest different bloggers or on the net internet writers may perhaps hyperlink to it. And then, should your blog stocks a area along with your website, backlinks for the blog can improve the major website's place on search engine optimization indices.

Seeing that expressed at first of the article, it truly is information about what your search engine optimization prefers. Because the search engine optimization directs a research pvp bot to be able to examine around your website as well as take upwards keyword phrases, an individual must ensure that a web site will be formatted correctly. Employ your points out of this article and you'll improve your current position.

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